Our youth culture today is a very different one then it was 20 years ago. Our young people are faced with issues today that make it difficult to live out a Christian faith.

There is a cultural weight put on the shoulders of youth pastors and directors to make sure their students have a great experience. The Bible calls us to make Disciples of Christ. Matthew 28:19. Those that are called to the ministry, specifically to the next generation must remember how serious their role is and how to protect that role.

Many youth pastors and directors find themselves feeling like they are on an island with not much leadership, encouragement, training and guidance. Many do not have resources or networks of local youth pastors to get ideas or be encouraged in their ministry.


Our goal is to connect local youth pastors and directors for a time of inspiration, encouragement and growth. Each lunch would have a specific theme that will provide opportunities for networking, gleaning from veteran youth pastors and sharing resources.

ILLUMINATETHEBAY     Est. 2011    

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